Lyme Disease

Recovery from Lyme Disease

Do you think or know you have Lyme Disease? Read on…

A Naturopathic Doctor discovered Lyme in my husband in early 2013. As I researched what to do, I discovered that he had transmitted Lyme to me (yes, it IS sexually transmitted!).  I tried MANY different protocols and worked with MANY different healthcare providers to heal myself and my husband.

We have been Lyme-free since early 2014! And so are many of my patients!

Think of Lyme Disease as an immune system issue, not a life-long sentence! You have some smart bugs that can be killed naturally. You probably need to clean up your diet and detox your body.

But the MOST important step of all (which I didn’t used to believe!) is to address your negative emotions! You know… all of that anger, guilt, resentment, criticism, and the big one — lack of forgiveness! Did you know that holding onto these toxic emotions actually keeps you from healing? They create toxic chemistry in your body — more adrenaline and cortisol for starters — and just keep you in an inflammatory state. Think of it like this: if you are constantly feeling angry or fearful (or any type of stress), your body will be in a constant state of fight-or-flight. It’s like constantly driving your car with the gas pedal all the way down to the floor. During fight-or-flight mode, your digestive & immune systems shut down to preserve energy…so you are never able to rest and repair. You keep yourself stuck in survival mode.

If you are willing to address this area (and even start your journey here!) you will have a much greater chance of turning your health around quickly. Again, I didn’t used to believe this…until I experienced it myself and watched many of my patients turn their lives around for the better once they addressed this critical component of their health.

Many Blessings,

Dr. JoAnn Tully, D.C.

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