Learn To Heal Yourself - online membership training

You know how frustrating it is to feel tired, depressed and utterly miserable.

I hear you. I was there myself, and as a doctor I knew that I couldn't really help other people until I first learned to help myself.

And that's why I created Learn To Heal Yourself, my online membership program.

Once you learn and apply the simple tools that I used myself, you will finally get your life back.

I'll teach you everything I know in this membership program.

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KEY Benefits

  • Learn how to use your emotions, physical symptoms & life circumstances as a feedback loop
  • Sleep better, have more energy, and regain your mental clarity
  • Reduce or eliminate aches & pains
  • Reduce or eliminate your need for drugs & supplements
  • Enjoy better digestion, balanced hormones, increased immune function
  • Feel more empowered, more confident, more intuitive
  • Save time & money on your health journey (what are you currently spending each month to merely "hold steady?")
  • Receive your OWN guidance on what you need to do (stop relying on Google & others!)
  • Enjoy more harmonious relationships
  • Learn to love & trust yourself again
  • Finally feel peaceful, calm & HAPPY!
  • Get Your Life Back!
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This membership course is for anyone with any of the following concerns: tired, depressed, utterly miserable, angry, fearful, and experiencing unexplained health issues...so, basically, EVERYONE needs this course!

Are you tired, depressed & utterly miserable? Is your life basically a huge struggle? This course is for YOU!

Have you been losing your cool? Does it feel like you are constantly being attacked & criticized? This course is for YOU!

Are fear & anxiety blocking your every move? Does constant worry keep you awake all night? This course is for YOU!

Have you been throwing money down the toilet trying to find answers to your health issues? This course is for YOU!

What this isn't & Who this is NOT for

There tends to be many misconceptions around this mindset stuff & who it works best for, so hopefully this will clear up any additional questions you might have.

What this ISN'T:

  • This is not a religion. Although I use the term "God," what I am really referring to is the energy of "Love." If you can't get past some of the terms, then this course isn't for you.
  • This course is not anti-medicine. You are encouraged to use whatever helps you feel better (surgery, drugs, supplements, other treatments, etc.). While you are doing or taking these other things, you are encouraged to then look at how you can shift your mindset to a better place.
  • This isn't emergency care. If you have a broken bone or a big gash that needs stitches (or whatever other medical emergency), you need to seek immediate medical attention. THEN, you are encouraged to shift your mindset for faster healing.
  • I will NOT be diagnosing illnesses or diseases, nor selling or recommending products. While we might talk about symptoms in general, our goal in working together is to shift your mindset to a place where your body can do what it naturally does. Your body is pre-wired for health and well-being. Let's move in the direction of allowing that to happen.

Who this is NOT for:

  • If you are a big complainer (and want to stay that way), this is NOT for you. I used to complain a lot, but as soon as I realized what I was doing I set out to change that.
  • If you are a troll, meaning you are just looking for opportunities to attack other people in order to make yourself feel better, this is NOT for you. 
  • Are you coachable? Can you take direction? If not, this is NOT for you. I used to be non-coachable, but I didn't know how I was shutting myself down at the time. If I gently point things out to you, what will you do with the information?

Key Learning Components:

  • Weekly online training (worksheets, videos, audios, etc.)
  • Weekly Q&A. Continued guidance. Get all your questions answered.
  • Access to private Facebook group for ongoing community and support. It's important to have a group that supports you! We'll be helping each other with our daily drama. We want a safe place where we can share our successes (what's working, insights). Everyone struggles with the same basic issues (the details will be different), so we don't need to share all the gory details. You will learn how to figure out what the "real issue" is (it's never what you think), and you will receive guidance and support in that direction.

Key Learning Components:

  • Receive access to my master online course for all of the background tools & information to release fear, anger, resentment, judgment, and learn to forgive yourself and others -- Learn To Heal Yourself ($497 value). This master course is based on A Course In Miracles.
  • Receive access to my online course, Learn To Love Yourself ($197 value). This course is based on the Law of Attraction. Learn how to shift into how you want to feel. This will empower you to make significant changes in ALL aspects of your life.
  • Regular lessons and in-depth discussions on both A Course In Miracles and the Law of Attraction. Become an expert in both!

Yes! I'm ready to get my life back!


You have questions...I've got answers!

  1. Why is this a group membership? I want your individual help. Let me begin by giving you a little history about Learn To Heal Yourself. I started this course locally. We had 4 live classes and each participant received 4 one-on-one sessions with me. ALL participants indicated that they learned a lot, but they needed more one-on-one guidance from me. So then I offered the classes online and included 8 one-on-one sessions with me (and charged $2,000 for this!). Most participants where then able to master the material, but again, ALL wanted more ongoing guidance from me. I tried some group coaching to help with the continued guidance. It worked really well for group learning but, at the time, I didn't have an online platform that would work for a membership type of format. Now I do. I've removed the one-on-one sessions because we ALL are working on the SAME stuff. The details of our pain & suffering are different (and I don't need to know details to help you!), but the thoughts, emotions & beliefs are the SAME. You will learn from me and from the group. There is no need to share anything online if you don't want to. You will be able to submit questions to me privately (if you want) that I can address to the group. I'll make myself available in other ways to meet your needs for continued guidance. It's a WIN WIN for everyone! You get ongoing help at a very affordable price, and I get to help more people!
  2. What if I want to cancel? No problem. If you are paying monthly, simply cancel before your next renewal. If you are paying annually to get a discount, I will refund you the pro-rated portion that you didn't use (based on the monthly amount you did use). Please note that when you cancel, you lose access to all of the material.
  3. What times will you be live for our questions and what format will you use? I want this portion of the membership to be flexible and flowing. My live Q&A sessions will be recorded so you can view them later. I want to try different times & formats to see what works best for my participants. 
  4. What do I get with this membership? You get access to my signature courses, Learn To Heal Yourself and Learn To Love Yourself. These courses are designed for you to get all of the background info, as well as tools & techniques for doing this mindset work. Then I'll use the membership portion to provide ongoing help and lessons so you can learn even more.
  5. What if I have a vacation scheduled or need to take time off? No problem! In fact, you are encouraged to take breaks here and there. The course will always be here when you get back. You are never behind, so just begin again wherever you left off. Everyone will work at their own pace, while still making progress moving forward.
  6. How will all of this work? I need to know the exact format. The most important thing to know is if you are willing and ready to make a change, AND you resonate with me, then the format doesn't matter. I know that what I have produced in the past has worked for my clients, and I trust that I will continue to receive guidance in how to help you best. If you have beliefs about what you can and can't do, then this is part of how you have been blocking your own guidance and help. I used to do the same thing! Let me help soften your beliefs so you can receive your own guidance!
  7. Will you be teaching us about healthy eating and avoiding certain health-destructive things (EMF's, chemicals, bad energy, bugs, allergens, etc)? We will talk about these things in general terms, but only to emphasize that they don't really matter. I used to think and believe that they mattered. A lot. Until I discovered that they were just underlying excuses for me. Focusing on them only kept me stuck. Now I focus on what I enjoy. I'll teach you to do the same.
  8. I'm concerned about sharing private health information online. No need to do this! In fact, I've learned that the details of your physical symptoms and diseases don't really matter. What DOES matter is how they make you feel (the underlying emotion or belief). That's what we need to work on. You learn to identify how you FEEL, then you learn to move in the direction of how you WANT TO FEEL. This is where your power is. Focusing on the icky stuff just keeps you stuck there. No need to beat the dead horse...let's move on to greener pastures!

Most Common Objections

Did you know that most objections are knee-jerk responses that aren't the REAL reason behind not doing something? Objections can be general excuses that we use to keep us safe. Excuses or objections are mindset issues that generally are not true. Read on...

No Time

Did you know that believing you don't have time to do something you want to do is a belief? It's a mindset issue. You see, the more you focus on not having time, the more the Universe brings you things that you don't have time to do. Join the membership to reverse this self-sabotaging belief!

No Money

No money is also a mindset issue. And I get it, if your bank account is currently at nada, then that does limit you currently. But you will need to shift your beliefs about money, and this membership can help you! 

I can't / This won't work

I can't learn this way. I won't be able to do this. This won't work for me. I can't read, be next to the computer, leave my house, meditate, etc. These are all mindset issues also. They are beliefs that have probably been limiting and sabotaging you your whole life. Join the membership program and learn how to reverse these limiting beliefs!

Pricing Options

Monthly Membership



Weekly online training (worksheets, videos, audio files)

Weekly Q&A - get your questions answered

Access to private Facebook group for ongoing community

In-depth discussions/trainings about A Course In Miracles and the Law of Attraction.

Learn To Heal Yourself (master course based on A Course In Miracles). $497 Value.

Learn To Love Yourself (course based on the Law of Attraction). $197 Value.

Cancel this monthly membership at any time (lose access to all courses and material).  


Annual Membership (receive 2 months FREE!)



Weekly online training (worksheets, videos, audio files)

Weekly Q&A - get your questions answered

Access to private Facebook group for ongoing community.

In-depth discussions/trainings about A Course In Miracles and the Law of Attraction.

Learn To Heal Yourself (master course based on A Course In Miracles). $497 Value.

Learn To Love Yourself (course based on the Law of Attraction). $197 Value.

Cancel this annual membership at any time (lose access to all courses and material). Any refund will be pro-rated at $75 per month for months already used.  



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