How I was finally able to get a good night’s sleep!


Good quality sleep is so important for your health and well-being. When we have it, we can feel amazing and feel like we are on top of the world. When we don’t have it, we are left with a compromised immune system, and a cranky personality.

When we are already sick, it can seem like an uphill battle getting the good quality sleep that our body needs. We can do and try all the “right” things – turn off the TV, keep electronic devices more than 3 feet from our bed, take a relaxing bath, take a melatonin supplement, keep your bedroom dark, regulate the temperature in your bedroom, etc. – and yet still not get a good night’s sleep.

In fact, here is a link to an article by Dr. Joe Mercola, DO, from his website,, that outlines what you should be doing: The Top 5 Sleep Aid Tips.

But you know what? When I was sick with severe adrenal fatigue and Lyme Disease, I tried ALL of these things and still didn’t sleep well. Maybe you are like me. Maybe you need to look a little bit deeper in order to figure this out for yourself.

Now I sleep really well. I have my health back. I have my energy back. I have my life back. So, what did I do that you can do too?

I looked at my beliefs about sleep, and I started paying attention to my thoughts when I couldn’t sleep.

On nights when I couldn’t sleep, I was generally obsessing or worrying about something. Did I get that report filed in time? How am I going to juggle my schedule tomorrow? Will I have enough money to pay my employees next week? Why did that patient cancel? Was it something I said or did? Blah, blah, blah. I was literally driving myself crazy with all my negative chatter. No wonder I couldn’t sleep!

And then I had all of these strange beliefs about sleep. I don’t sleep well. My husband snores so I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep if the wireless internet is turned on during the night. I can’t sleep if the TV is on. I can’t sleep because we need a new bed.  Now, I realize that many of you also have these same beliefs about sleep – they are pretty common. But are they really TRUE?

Quantum physics has shown us that our thoughts have a powerful energy, and that thoughts actually create a cascade of chemical reactions in our bodies. This means that we actually create our physical symptoms (or biology) with our thoughts. And I know this sounds really crazy, but once you experience it for yourself, once you change your thoughts and actually experience your physical symptoms melt away, you will be blown away, and then you will be sufficiently motivated to look even deeper at your thoughts.

We’ve all heard about the Placebo Effect, but do you know what this entails? In a nutshell, the placebo effect shows us that your thoughts control your biology. A placebo is nothing. It can be a sugar pill, or a saline solution given to us through a needle, or a fake surgery where nothing is really done. It is used in scientific research to see if a drug or surgery really works, or if it is merely our belief that something will work. Most of the time, the placebo works better than both drugs and surgery. But this information gets buried, because if this is really true, then why on earth do we really need drugs and surgery?

There are documented cases of surgeries done in wartime, where the medical facilities had run out of morphine (a pain killer). So the nurses filled syringes with a saline solution (placebo), told the patient it was morphine and that soon they would feel relaxed, and sure enough the patient relaxed and felt no pain during the surgery.

So, what are the stories you tell yourself about sleep? Pay attention to your thoughts and what you tell yourself and other people about how you sleep. Then start questioning if these thoughts and beliefs are really true. Most of the time they are just thoughts, and thoughts can be changed.

The same goes with constant worry. If you are awake worrying about something, it is time to work on some underlying fears.

This work is done with meditation. Meditation is where you relax the mind, and access the part of your mind that you are generally unaware of, the unconscious mind. This is where all of these negative thoughts and beliefs get tucked away. We forget that we allowed them in there, and yet they run our lives as if on autopilot. So it is REALLY important to meditate so that you can make connections and let this stuff go – in other words, remove the old, icky habits, and form new, healing habits.

Want more information on the benefits of meditation? Check out my video blog, “Is Meditation Non-Sense?”

Need help in letting go of the old, negative thoughts and letting in the new, beneficial thoughts? Click here for info on my online programs.

Many Blesssings,
Dr JoAnn

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