How Your Thoughts & Emotions Effect Your Immune System

emotions immune system Feb 22, 2016

As many of you know, most of my time is now spent helping clients reframe and release their toxic negative thoughts, emotions & beliefs. I find this work extremely fulfilling and absolutely fascinating!

At first I thought this was a bunch of hooey…that is, until I experienced it first hand a few years ago! Until then, my head had been full of constant negative chatter. My first breakthrough came as I experienced a gallbladder attack that was caused by my resentment towards a family member. Once I made that connection, reframed & released it, the gallbladder attack was GONE in less than 15 minutes…and has NEVER COME BACK! This was amazing to me — because I had been having chronic gallbladder attacks for about 2 years prior to that episode.

I’ve since helped several clients make connections to their emotions and physical symptoms — headaches, stomach aches, neck & back pain, sciatic pain, racing heart, high blood pressure, constipation,...

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