How to Naturally Balance Your Hormones (without products)

It seems that everyone has an opinion on how to naturally balance your hormones. And most of these opinions entail testing and products. Sometimes a lot of both. The testing helps to paint a picture of what is out-of-balance, what is too high and what is too low. Then products are added to allow your body to make more of something and to detox whatever is too high.

The most common hormonal imbalance for women is too much estrogen and too little progesterone, also known as estrogen-dominance. Typically a progesterone product is added to help balance these two hormones.

I went through all of this hormone stuff about 8 years ago. I’m 50 now, and boy is life a lot better now! And I’m not even in menopause! My biggest problem 8 years ago was the horrible mood swings. I felt like I turned into a monster 2 weeks every month. I tried to hide my anger, but it always just came out. And I just couldn’t help but direct my anger at my loved ones. Not fun.

And then my breast thermography exams started showing suspicious pre-cancerous activity (another sign of too much estrogen). I needed to figure this out…quickly!

I became an expert in the theory of how to balance hormones. You have to detox this, you have to take that, you have to eat the right foods, you have to stay away from certain foods, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You wouldn’t believe how many products I was on. You name it, I tried it. Some helped, and some I had no idea if they did because I was taking so many different things at once.

And then there was digestion. You need to be digesting fats & proteins or you can’t even make the hormones. So I became an expert in digestion. For 4 years I took really expensive digestive enzymes to help me digest fats & proteins.

What really turned the corner for me was when I was led to work on my emotions. I had grown up learning from my father that anger was just how you responded in the world, and I learned from my mother that you try to exert some sort of control over the men in your life through guilt and manipulation. (I know many of you can relate!)

As a woman, I learned that I needed to put the needs of others before my own. And that always leads to resentment, which then makes you want to force someone to actually take care of you, but they never do, so we try to guilt them into taking care of us. And they still don’t. So we get even angrier, and even more resentful. But it’s not lady-like to express anger, so we try our best to hide it, stuff it down deep. In the end we get so mad that we are about ready to explode!

Did you catch all of that? Read that again if you need to. Slowly.

Is it any wonder that we end up with “raging hormones?” Raging. Out-of-control. Exploding. Hot Flashes. Lashing out.

Anger creates heat that needs to be released. It will show itself in the body in many forms: heat, redness, inflammation, infection, rashes. Symptoms like fever, sore throat, infection, boils, hives, hot flashes, etc, are all signs of anger that needs to be released.

So, back to my anger. When I was able to start letting go of a lot of my anger, I noticed that I no longer acted like a monster for 2 weeks every month. Then I gradually felt like I didn’t need to take the products any longer, so I tapered off of everything. And I felt great! I couldn’t believe it!

It felt like I was finally back in control, not the monster. I no longer had to worry about balancing my hormones, my body just took care of it. I realized that my emotions and symptoms were messages. The message was always to change my thoughts, to let go of the harmful stuff, and to learn to love myself again.

And then my breast thermography exams returned to normal! How cool is that?

In my experience working with other women to help them balance their hormones, most will come to me after they have tried everything that I did at first. They usually spend $1,000’s before coming to me. And their major complaints are hot flashes and mood swings.

So far, every single woman I have helped with hot flashes was able to feel immediate relief after releasing the underlying anger. Some knew exactly what they were angry about, and others at first said they weren’t angry but then it came up in our session. Most of us women are really good at denying our anger!

For women who have come to me with breast cancer issues, they have had a combination of resentment about taking care of others, plus a basic fear about getting cancer in general.

Unfortunately, the fear of getting cancer makes you attract it like a giant magnet. So it becomes really important to address and let go of that underlying fear, which then allows your body to begin healing.

I hope this has helped you shift your mindset about what it takes to truly balance your hormones. Taking endless products is like using a band-aide on a wound that never heals. The products can help, but your healing is going to come when you allow the body to create healing chemicals, which comes from a healthy mindset.

If you resonate with this information, and would like more information on how to learn to heal yourself, I invite you to join my online membership program, where I teach you how to do this work.

If you need some more background information on how and why this mindset stuff works, click here for my Step Into Your Power video series.

Many Blessings,
Dr JoAnn Tully

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