Me and Mon Paris -- My Story of Healing from Chemical Sensitivities

I used to have a lot of sensitivities. Food sensitivities, chemical sensitivities, odor sensitivities, and even people sensitivities (lol). The term in the modern world is Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

It seemed that everything bothered me, made me feel icky, or gave me a headache. And my list of bothersome things kept growing longer. More and more things in my environment were irritating me. I thought that it wouldn’t be long before I would need to retreat to my own little shack or safe haven in the woods in order to “protect” myself from the outside world.

Does this sound like you?

I stayed away from certain stores and malls because the air freshener they used gave me an instant headache.

I yelled at my husband every time he used air freshener in his car.

We couldn’t use any chemicals in our house or in our yard.

I restricted my family’s diet by only purchasing certain “safe” foods.

I wouldn’t allow over-the-counter medications in my house.

Basically, I had become "Extra"

Extra is a term I recently learned from my daughter. She called her boss Extra. I laughed and asked what that meant. She basically described how I used to act: needy, controlling, overbearing, taking everything personally, thinking that everyone was out to make my life more difficult, blaming other people and circumstances for anything that went wrong in my life.

I needed people to act in a certain way so that I would feel better. I controlled everything I could in my life so that I would feel better. If people didn’t try to please me and do what I asked I took that as a personal attack. All of these “other” things were making me sick (it wasn’t ME doing it to myself…gasp!).

My wake-up call

A few years ago, I was taking some group self-help/self-discovery classes on energy healing. Each month we gathered for a long weekend. Our chairs were lined up in a semi-circle facing the teacher. After each break, we were asked to sit in a different chair in order to gain a different perspective.

By this time in my life, I had been meditating regularly and was also doing a lot of muscle testing (basically asking God yes/no type of questions – Is this my truth? Is this for my higher good? Is this product or food beneficial for me at this time?).

On one particular weekend, this very nice woman (I will call her Jane) sat next to me on the Friday night session. Jane was wearing what I would judgmentally call “old woman perfume.” And my super judgy self believed that Jane had bathed in it. She must have just dumped it on herself. The smell was awful. I had an instant headache and felt really “put out” that she was so inconsiderate as to wear this awful perfume out in public, where other people like me would not be able to tolerate it. Yep, that was my thought process back in "the day." Yikes.

I went home a bit ticked off that she “did” that to me. She created my headache. She made me feel like crap. How inconsiderate. Boo hoo.

Guess what happened the next morning? Yep, I was running late and the only seat open was right next to Jane. Nooooooooo! I had no other options. I sat next to Jane and we exchanged pleasantries. But I was pissed. She reeked of her crappy perfume. Instant headache again. I could barely listen to the teacher. I was definitely going to get away from her after the next break.

Well the next break came. I went outside for fresh air. I still had my headache. I was still mad. Then when it was time to sit down again I looked for where Jane’s things were, and I sat as far away as I could get.

Jane was a little late getting back from break. And guess what? Yep, the only place left for her to sit down was right next to me!

And then it dawned on me like a lightning bolt! Wait a minute! Was this a sign from God about what I needed to heal from next? I had already been clearing a lot of old anger and resentment issues, and was learning about the Emotional Charge. If I was upset about something, that just meant that I had a new issue to reframe and let go of (or heal myself).

I did a little muscle testing on myself.

God, is this MY problem? Yes.

God, am I making this up? Yes.

God, is Jane trying to be mean to me? No.

God, does this have to do with forgiveness? Yes.

So I did my little meditation for forgiveness. I forgave Jane. She didn’t do anything wrong, but I had placed blame at her feet and needed to forgive her for what I had done. Then I forgave myself. Then I worked on letting go of my hurt feelings.

And then it felt like God just lifted a heavy burden off of me. My whole body relaxed. My headache was gone within minutes. I finally understood fully that I had been creating my own misery and suffering with my thoughts. Oops. My bad.

And Jane and I sat next to each other (without trying to) for the rest of the weekend. And I silently blessed her each time. What a gift to have this lesson! And her perfume never bothered me again. She continued to wear it, but I was in a mental place where it didn’t bother me. I could finally appreciate instead of judge.

Over the course of the next 6 months, I worked on checking my beliefs about all that I had previously thought was harmful to me. I was able to clear up a lot of junk. My beliefs about my body’s ability to heal shifted. I felt on top of the world. I felt like I could do anything. I felt like I was no longer a prisoner to outside forces.

Hello Mon Paris!

It had been probably 25 years since I had worn perfume. I didn’t even own any perfume.

I had been meditating about how I wanted to feel. I had been focusing on Fun. And then a thought popped into my head…how about finding a nice perfume to wear? Hmmm, ok.

The next time I was on Amazon, without me even searching for perfume, a perfume sampler pack showed up in my feed that was on sale. Wow, that was easy! It just plopped in my lap (so to speak).

I purchased the perfume sampler pack.

I was SO excited to try the samples! I began trying one at a time. I either liked it or I didn’t. There weren’t too many that I liked.

And then I tried Mon Paris. It was like angels were singing and bells were going off! I LOVED this perfume! I had to have a full bottle. It was shortly before Christmas and I had been setting aside money for gifts for my family and college tuition for my daughter. I didn’t feel like I could just go out and buy something for myself just yet. So I just added a bottle of Mon Paris to my wish list.

It wasn’t long before I felt like the time was right for me to buy this for myself. The journey to finding this perfume, for me, was so enlightening, so enriching, so healing, and so much fun! To this day, this is still my favorite perfume.

Mon Paris represents my freedom, peace, health and happiness. It was a journey in allowing and forgiving. It was a journey of fun and healing. It reminds me to constantly be aware of my beliefs (are they really true, or I am just being Extra?).

My wish for you is that you are able to free yourself from old beliefs that aren’t working for you.

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Much love and appreciation,

Dr JoAnn Tully

Mind-Body Doctor, Mindset Coach   

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