Pain and Illness: Cause and Effect

Have you ever been in pain, or been sick with an illness or disease, and searched for the cause?

  • Why or how did you get sick?
  • Do you have a chemical imbalance or a nutritional deficiency?
  • What caused your pain?
  • How did you get this illness or disease?
  • Did you “catch” it from someone you were around?
  • Were you exposed to toxic chemicals?
  • Did you eat certain foods that made you sick?
  • Did a product or medicine make you sick?
  • Did a certain treatment make you worse?
  • Were you exposed to a certain pathogen (yeast, virus, bacteria, parasite) that made you sick?

Most people who are in pain or sick will seek medical advice to learn the cause of their pain or illness. In the medical world, doctors are taught to run series of tests to give you this information. Sometimes it can take years to figure out the “cause.” The more searching that is done, the more the search costs in terms of time, money, and your health.

And while I believe you should seek medical attention and advice when needed, I want to present what helped me most in my journey back to health.

My online membership course, Learn To Heal Yourself, is based mostly on the teachings from A Course In Miracles, with a little sprinkle of teachings from Law of Attraction.

What both of these teachings have in common is that the real cause you are seeking is in your mind. The real cause for your pain and illness is in your thoughts and beliefs.

The Cause

You see, we all have access to two thought systems (cause):

  1. True self
  2. Ego

The thought system of your true self is based in love. It is like a factory setting. It’s what you are born with. Love cannot go away, but it can be hidden. When your thoughts are in alignment with who you really are (love), you feel things like peace, joy, appreciation, freedom and satisfaction.

Another factory setting that you are born with is health and well-being. When your thoughts are aligned with love, you are naturally healthy.

The ego’s thought system is based in fear. This thought system is learned from others, especially when we are young. Sometimes when we are young and in the presence of adults who are having a bad day, we believe we’ve done something wrong. We believe they are having a bad day because of us. We can begin to believe that we are not good enough; we can begin to believe that we don’t matter. The list is endless.

In Marianne Williamson’s book, A Return To Love, she states this: “When fear is expressed, we recognize it as anger, abuse, disease, pain, greed, addiction, selfishness, obsession, corruption, violence and war.”

The Effect 

Your body reflects which thought system is dominant (fear or love). Your emotions reflect which thought system is dominant. Your life circumstances reflect which thought system is dominant. This is what A Course In Miracles says is the effect. The effect is what you see and experience in your body and the world around you.

It’s really as simple as that! Do you feel peaceful, happy, vibrant, confident, healthy? Then your thoughts and beliefs are aligned with your true self (love).

When your ego (fear) is the dominant thought system, you will feel so “out of whack” that A Course In Miracles calls this feeling and acting “insane.” You are not in your “right mind.”

The ego’s mantra is to seek but do not find. You will endlessly seek the cause of your pain and suffering, but you will never find it because you are looking in the wrong place. You will search endlessly outside of yourself to no avail.

When you finally look inward at your thoughts and beliefs, that is when you will be able to make lifelong changes. That is when you can finally find peace, health and happiness. That is when you will discover the true cause of your pain and suffering.

Cause: Thoughts

Effect: What you see and experience in your body and the world around you

How can I help you?

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Many Blessings,

Dr JoAnn Tully

Mind-Body Doctor

Mindset Coach




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