Ready to leave Lyme Disease in Vegas? What are the odds that you can “Beat the House?”

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2016

You know that old saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” And what about that old Vegas saying, “The House always wins!”

Have you bought into a belief that Lyme Disease (or any other immune system issue, for that matter) is incurable? In other words…have you bought into the belief that the odds are stacked up against you? Today I want to challenge those beliefs!

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In fully recovering from Lyme Disease myself, I learned a lot about the immune system…especially the stuff they don’t teach us in school! Part of what I learned was that what it takes to heal Lyme Disease is basically the same as what it takes to heal any other disease or illness. Yep. It’s all basically the same stuff!

Let’s review a few key points:

  • Pharmaceutical drugs, while very helpful in crisis mode, do NOT cure anything! All pharmaceutical drugs have side effects, which can be just as nasty as what they were designed to cover up (yes, cover up, not cure). Here’s an example: many people with Lyme Disease take long-term antibiotics. While this can help them function better or get them out of crisis mode, antibiotics cannot cure Lyme Disease. Lyme is a bacteria that can easily mutate and become a super bug, and they easily hide in an encapsulated form while you have antibiotics in your system. Once you stop taking the antibiotic, these super bugs come out of hiding and wreak even more havoc on your body. If you want to heal, you will need to go deeper.

  • Herbs that can be very helpful for Lyme Disease often cause so much gastrointestinal distress that people can’t tolerate taking them. If you want to heal, you will need to go deeper.

  • Often times you will begin taking a truckload of supplements, enzymes & essential oils trying to hold your system steady. And while they can help you temporarily feel better, after a few short months many people report that their improvement tapers off. Meanwhile they continue to spend $200-$500 per month on these natural products. If you want to heal, you will need to go deeper.

  • Making significant changes to your diet can be of great benefit. Most people who are ill often have sensitivities to dairy and grains. Removing these from your diet 100% can get you to a better place so that you can function at a higher level. But you can still go deeper on your healing journey.

  • Ultimately you are going to need to take a good look at your thoughts, emotions & beliefs. I know, I know…how on earth can these things actually be causing my illness? Great question! Have you watched any YouTube videos of other people’s recovery from serious illnesses? If so, did you catch the common theme? For anyone who has completely recovered from any illness, they will all tell you the same thing – that they felt led to “go within for their answers.” They were led to clean up their diet, they were led to let go of toxic relationships & jobs, they were led to meditate, they were led to FORGIVE. Whaaat??? Yep, part of being able to forgive includes reframing your thoughts so that you CAN forgive. It’s a process, a journey…but you need to start somewhere! If you need to read about the science behind this stuff – take a look at Bruce Lipton’s book Biology of Belief. Dr. Lipton is a cell biologist and his work is just amazing. The latest edition of his book that came out last fall has all of the research from the past decade on this topic.

Most of the sick clients I work with operate with a LOT of fear and anger. Unbelievable amounts. This stuff is shutting down their digestive systems as well as their immune systems, thereby causing all sorts of other symptoms. Fear and anger MUST go in order for you to heal.

And, many of my clients also have some underlying beliefs about being sick that they need to turn around. Here is a basic example of how a belief will sabotage your health – I’m going to use a very common one here: “I need to be sick in order to get love and/or attention.”

  • All of us want to feel that we matter and that we are loved by those around us. As children, if your emotional needs weren’t met, you might have discovered that when you didn’t feel good you got to stay home with mom, and she gave you lots of love and attention. Who doesn’t love that?
  • Then without realizing it, your ego put a plan in place, and then had you forget the plan. And this plan was to get your emotional needs met through illness. Maybe you got attention (good or bad), maybe you got love, maybe you were finally seen, maybe you got to avoid school (and later work), maybe you got to avoid going other places you didn’t like, etc.
  • Fast forward to adulthood, and you are sick all the time. You’re always going to the doctor, you’re always having tests run, and they can’t find anything wrong with you! This is the point when you need to examine your thoughts! Did some silly belief get buried deep in your mind, that you forgot about, and has been “running the show” ever since your early childhood?

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Let me wrap this up by saying, “Change your thoughts…change your odds!” Feel like a winner by getting your life back! I can honestly say that changing my thoughts changed my life for the better! Let me help you do the same!

Many Blessings,
Dr JoAnn

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