Your Problems are Unicorns (they aren't real)

[I made a funny YouTube video with my bestie to illustrate this blog! Click here to watch it!]

We all have problems:

  • I have chronic health problems
  • Someone is being mean to me
  • My car is always breaking down
  • I can’t pay my bills
  • My boss is a jerk
  • I have constant pain
  • My job & coworkers are unbearable
  • No one will help me
  • No one respects me
  • Others use me or take me for granted
  • I have no energy
  • I have this incurable disease that is ruining my life

Did you know that by merely focusing on your problem you actually make it bigger? And when you make it bigger, it stays around. You remain stuck in your problem.

So I want you to start softening your thoughts about your problem. Start viewing your problems as Unicorns that aren’t real. In the world of mindset basics, you are only making your problems real by your constant attention to them.

Begin telling yourself that you can focus on something else more enjoyable (a pet, beautiful day, favorite music, kids/grandkids, nice relaxing bath, walk in nature). Tell yourself that your problems will all fade away soon. Tell yourself that you can find a better way simply by shifting your focus.

Your solution is waiting for you, but you can’t find the solution while you are focused on your problem.

And by focused on your problem, I mean:

  • Talking about it
  • Writing about it
  • Thinking about it
  • Engaged in Facebook or Twitter groups that talk endlessly about it
  • Researching it
  • Defending it
  • Justifying it
  • Identifying with it (making it who you are)
  • Telling others all about it (you have nothing else to talk about)

Within the world of mindset, think of yourself as an energetic magnet. Whatever you think about matches up with what shows up in your experience. First you think about something, then you have an emotional vibration about that topic (frustration, worry, anger, irritation, etc), then the Universe finds more things that match that particular vibration to bring back to you. Super fun, huh?

What’s most important is to care about how you feel.

Do you feel tired, frustrated, irritated, in pain, angry, worried, etc? Then that is exactly what you will experience more of.

Can you shift into feeling better? Can you practice reaching for something else? Absolutely! All it takes is a little consistent practice AND caring about how you feel.

And by caring how you feel, I mean becoming more aware of how you feel throughout each and every day. Then realizing when you feel good and when you don’t. If you feel good, then carry on with what you were doing. If you feel anything other than good, it’s time to shift your thoughts about whatever problem or subject you were thinking about.

You can begin by reaching for a feeling of fun and light-heartedness (and hopefully the funny video that accompanies this blog will help with that!). This helped me a lot when I began this work. I focused on having fun and laughing, and the Universe surprised and delighted me with more fun things. Whenever I’m feeling frustrated, my go-to feeling to shift out of frustration is to feel light-hearted. It took some practice, but it works like a charm for me!

From there, reach for feelings of happiness, appreciation, and feeling good. Keep telling yourself that everything will be OK, everything always works out.

Then begin working on your new “identity.” Stop talking about how you feel right now. Stop talking about your problem. That’s old news within the mindset world. Start talking about how you want to feel. Start talking about your new virtual identity. You are NOT your problem. Dig deeper and find the better You that wants to come out and play!

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Many Blessings,

Dr JoAnn Tully

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